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Wishes Wish

Every bit of creation was asleep as the wandering soul decided to swim. It was dark. Dark as in nightmares that tarnished the dreams of naughty kids. He worried again that, like anything tried to reach out to his vessel, water would surely pass through his transparent skin. Yet to him there was nothing to lose that would dim. First, as if he's having a leg, this poor soul reached out to endless depth with the very bottom of his soul. To his surprise the water that once betrayed him and his comrades was now the very water that gave his vessel a skin. Having the last glimpse of the skies above he wished one last thing as a shooting star emerged. 'Let me be.' First the eyes that would reveal the secrets of the universe were gifted. Then a mouth to wage this gospel to his comrades for a curse to lift. A set of ears to be responsible for everything to be said. And a nose to company for the journey that eyes seek. Now once and for all the curse was lifted on this very poor soul, as he was in flesh and bone. A deal was struck between the man and the stars. On the holy ground called ocean amidst the past. Yet this awakening came with a price. Each and every night he'd look at the skies. So the next time his body would be one of those many shooting stars...

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