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Chapter I / For The Lost Gods (Part 1/3)

Act 1

"Anything from the sea?"

It was a quiet day, and the sun was ready to set for tomorrow. Quiet was not a tell for peace and descent of the sun was no reason for unease. Only sea could tell.

"You mean all over or here?", said Lyla as if she was accusing.

"All over... Of course. As long as you can reach. Do you always look for all?"

"I do.

You know how others are, Sea here is still though."

"It was a good call. Three months with still waters.", said Lenker looking at her sunsetting white hairs. Hairs that looked as if they blushed.

"Oh please, flatter further.

You are disturbing the water let me be."

"It seemed you felt lonely."

"This is what I do Lenker, do you see me interfereing with yours?", said Lyla slightly turning and tilting her head, making sure Lenker understands her frustration by looking into his eyes with her deep blue eyes.


Lenker stood behind her next to the door of the porch a while saying nothing. After a while he broke the silence:

"I never asked you this, I am not even sure I am to ask this but I would like to look out for you.

Do you ever...

Do you ever look for him?

Or look for it?"

It took a while for her to get a hold of the question. Her head got too heavy, she looked down and her shoulders looked as if she shrugged. Lenker felt the immidiate regret his question brought upon.

"Why don't you just fuck off Lenker", the anger and sadness in her voice gave him the urge to apologize. Opening his lips to let a breath in for his apology, he gave up and stepped into the house, letting her be.

Lyla concentrated back listening to the sea with glazed blue eyes. Her white mid-lenght hair, in flow with the breeze, she looked gorgeous on the railings of the bright brown wooden porch. The group resided in a big, mansion-like boat house with vibrant colours. It did not stand out as the whole town was buried in vibrant creme and bright colours. This was the only place with the least damage they could find. Having a porch that had the sea under their feet really helped Lyla with her role as a sea lookout. She did not have to walk towards the sea everymorning. But it also did not help her sleeping issues when she lived right next to the water. She had them since that day. She wanted to get away from the sea, run from it.

"I miss you", she whispered towards the depths of the sea holding back tears. And not being able to hold back tears she continued:

"I am sorry for being a coward."

She realized that she was disturbing the water around her, she had to stop and contain herself before everything went to hell. She did not want to attract any attention, three months of peace is a really impressive accomplishment and she for one can not be the reason for a downfall.

After a while the sky got darker, she could feel its presence surrounding her, ready to crush her soul.

"We should go in now, moon has shown. Let's make sure everyone is inside.", yelled someone towards her. It was Karen. Making sure everyone is safe, especially the children, as she always does.

Act 2

Lyla woke up from her sleep in the midst of the night as she usually does. But this particular time she woke up to a beat from the sea.

A beat all over.

It was true that the water beneath was still, and the seas all over was always a hell raising. But never... never at night. When moon rose everything would go silent, the only vibrations that reached Lyla would be fish colonies or whales.

A huge beat of vibrations reaching all over, what the hell was that she thought to herself.

She sat her bed and held her breath. Tried to feel what there was, resisting the pain the moon inflicted upon her for using her powers.

She felt the shore, she felt the depths, she felt the horizon and beyond. Sea was still and hinged as never before. It was like a strecthed sheet, she would feel a stone fall, a fish clap. And there was only silence.

Dredd fell upon and deep into her bones. She was relentlesly letting moon hurt her in the search of the beat. She kept looking and looking and looking. Then at a time of extreme pain, she fainted. Still shocked, her head fell between her legs staring at the wall on her right.

Reddeming her eyesight she looked.

And there it was,

a shadow,

looking down.

It was a shadow with piercing eyes, she knew it looked deep into her soul.

She could do nothing but to stare back.

You can only run from the sea so much. Here it was, a ghost. Staring right down.

Blaming her for her cowardice. Blaming her for not searching.

Even though he was gone, her brother still tortured her. Breathing down her neck.

Act 3

Lyla woke up the way she fainted, raising her head she took a deep breath. Stood up slowly to check her injuries. Her arms burnt wrist to shoulder, fighting against the moon. She was in great deal of pain however she felt at rest. It was the first time since the loss of her brother.

She covered her arms with long sleeves to make sure no one worried about her for nothing and left her room.

The feeling that fell before her was like as if she tied a knot that hanged loose for so long. She felt the chilling, always reminded angst, nomore. She felt peace.

This peace struck her while she roamed the halls of the house. It struck her as if she found something that was lost for so long. It struck her with deep relief. She choked to tears letting her shoulder rest on the closest wall. She fell on her knees and her head on the wall she cried with absolution she felt. It was like finally letting herself live without the chains of guilt for her brother's death. She cried for some time, she cried for all the time she suffered. She cried for all the sea. She cried for all her people.


Herself gathered she stepped onto the porch finding herself looking at the sea again.

Every morning, before beginning lookout, she stood and looked at the sea thinking her miseries and her losses. Everyone that is lost in the name of gods, power and greed. She knows all is not worth these.

She damns the sea, damns it for returning. Damns the moon for taking it in the first place. She eventually begins listening, secretly hoping she would be damned back and be free of all this bullshit.

A life that flourished in a place with bright colours, colours one might suggest happy. A life that is engraved with losses and turmoil. And because of what? Gods' will? Nature's another perversion? A game between the moon and the gods?

The only clear thing was that it was not her choice to play the games of the gods nor was it her choice to be fighting this war. She just wanted to be there for her brother. She just wanted to hold him. Hold him thight until he agreed to run away, until he let go of fighting. She knew tho... She knew that he would not stop, then he would not be him and if she held him back, she knew she would not be her.


It was quiet usually in the mornings. She took these times to collect her thoughts and relax. Even though she sees and damns it everyday. The sea looks a bit darker in the mornings, she likes that. It is not a lenghty state to see in their situation. Not while the moon took its time.

It was again a quiet morning at the shore they discovered months ago, most believed that gods looked out for them. Lyla had the habit of getting angry when she hears prays for the gods. At least whenever since her brother.

Where were the gods when they were being hunted she thinks to herself and sometimes out loud. Where are the gods when the rest of the sea shakes every single day? Where are they when people are being hunted? Where were they when she was being hunted?

Everytime she felt the earthquake-like vibrations of other shores, she hoped that people did not get hurt. That they somehow survived. She wanted to help them all. She had no regard for her life, she just wanted to stop it all. She always stopped herself for the sake of the lives of the group.

She felt the fish and the algea at the shore beneath to calm her nerves. She sometimes loses herself in the calmness and looks for every little fish she could feel beneath.

There was an unusual type of feeling right under her though. It felt like the vibration was from her to the sea, she guessed that it is probably a stuck fish right under her trying to get loose. Surely nobody else or Lenker was not on the porch. They would not dare to distract her with their vibrations while she was on the lookout.

She wanted to stop and check to make sure and looked around. The porch seemed empty and no noises came feom inside the house enough to make that effect. She let the sea be and focused more on her surroundings. Right then she heard a sniffing. Right above her, a sniffing on the roof of the boat house's first floor, causing her blood to be drawn from her. She got paler, in shock she turned to sniffing above.


Part 2 next week!

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