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The Satans’ Dream in the Gods’ Dream

Hey god, don’t make any excuses!

Have you ever tried to be a human?

You know, how hard it is to be?

Easy to say, not do, not touch, not say!

But, hard to accept and walk the way you draw.

Hey god, don’t make any excuses

You should know where the road ends up

Cause you wrote it

The path of sins and goodness

All exist, reasons coming from you

So, you can’t make any excuses

Whatever happens because of you

Don’t put blame on me

I just walked the path you made for me

Hey god, saying to you

You can’t make any excuses

So, don’t make any excuses

Have you ever tried to be a Human

Have you ever been thirsty, starving

Ever feel the death itself

Ever feel like you will lose something/somebody

Ever think you will be punished just because of never non-existent god

You don’t have the right to put blame on me

Don’t make any excuses, hey god

You think you are everything

You think you are the only one that really exists

İf I have never and ever thought about you

How can you be there

How is it possible

You would just make mention of yourself, and no one wouldn’t

So, I am the one who creates you from nothing

I am the God itself

But, I would never want you to make a thing that cannot be made from a god

I am sorry my darlin'


I will be like you in just an illusion time

The time in the blink of an eye

I’ve just learned everything about how to be a God from you

So now,

Kill yourself

And never seen in my vision

Never come to my dream or thoughts

Feel what is like not to be exist

Burn in a flame forever in a pain that never ends

How does it feel like

How can you prey on your god now

How is it possible

Don’t make any excuses

Cause I’ve just tried to be you

But, again you have never tried to be me

You say everything is an illusion

Yeah, whatever I made for you

Don’t worry, all is the illusion

But, in the end

When the last human being forgets you

You will be on your own


Everything will start then,

I believe in me, not god itself

You feel the pain itself directly

Now, drown in your own filth

Never see you again, haha!

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