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The Experiment (Part 1)




When Charlie opened his eyes for a second, he saw someone's leather shoes. He had been

stupefied by his downfall. Those shoes looked like as his uncle had worn. Now, he couldn't

even finish the race. His eyes closed again and darkness quieten down everything. What

happened to Charlie?

"No! No! No! You know that Charlie. I can't take you with me. You are nearly eight. You

become a boy that understand things. Your uncle is going to take care till I came again for

you. Ok?" His mother smiled and kissed him on his pink cheeks. Her blond hair turned in the

air. Her footsteps started decreasing echo. She turned to his son the last time before get on the ship. Her blue eyes with full of hope and sadness. "You gonna be fine... Fine... Fine... Fi..".

"... And then she just threw silver vase to my head." There was an elderly tremolo. "I had

bought that vase in Tanshima. Do you know how is it expensive and hard to find?"

Strange mechanic voice's clanging's awoke Charlie. Voice was keeping talking "... Doctor

says I remain like this for more three days. Three days! Can you imagine how much money

I'm gonna loose for this!"

Charlie wasn't listening anymore. He concentrated on a plastic plate on his left. There were

some green leaves and purplish meat.

A few ticks later, Charlie felt an unendurable pain on every single cell in his body. It was a

part of the cure. He regained his consciousness and remembered the steeplechase, turned right

and looked the mechanic voice owner. He was looked like seventy-five years old. He might

older than seventy-five, you would never sure about age because of part changing. Specially,

in this area, there were lots of body changers. Just like that man. He had a voice caller in his

neck. It looked like a small light blue gem. They couldn't completely change their body, but

those small changes made person different, piece by piece.

Charlie asked what happened was.

"...Oh... Well, you were kicked the bucked nearly. You were bad at riding and your reptile

kicked your ass. I mean, doctors said that to me. You're not able to trust anyone in these days. Howbeit, doctors look like serious in this story, sooo it is your choice to believe, isn't it like always?" That old man seemed as a chatterer to Charlie. It might be the blue stone's skill. A nurse came out and she checked Charlie's health data. "...Mmmh ...Ok. you are gonna be get better. Just, don't force yourself like that again. We added your cost to your ID card. You have to pay it in thirty days. Now, you are free to go."

Charlie started to wear his clothes. His pains retarded that move. The old man said "... Come

on let me go too. I have to work. Do you know who I am?" Nurse didn't care a rap and left

the room. The man turned to Charlie when he couldn't receive attention. "At least, don't go

too. If you go, I will be alone till my servant comes. C'mon I liked you. You are a good

listener." However, Charlie had other plans and did what the nurse did. He threw himself out

of that chlorine smell place.

He found himself in noisy streets. The Sky said time was being passed. How much time had

passed? Charlie looked a watch into some kind of a screen. That huge screen was upon

buildings and being used for an ad. There was a new, new AI robopet for kids. He read a

digital blue six on it. It was eleven when he was racing. He had to hurry up to go to the

headmaster's tower. He used some of the last coins to borrow a roadster. It was a cheap

vehicle you could ride like a bike. On the contrary of an inefficient, ancient bike, it could take

you everywhere with its electromotor. Plus, people couldn't drive a bike in the dusty roads so

that they had invented flying machines. They couldn't fly as a bird, but they could sail on the

air. Charlie's roadster was sailing in the air to the headmaster's tower. He had gone too many

times in there, but that time was the most important.

Charlie dismounted and looked to the roadster's screen. His riding time done and indicator

was showing a red alert. He put it to the roadster park so that it could find a new rider. He had just arrived to the tower and started going up the big entrance's stairs. He needed money for his health costs. He wanted to win steeplechase, but Elly had won the big prize and sharing it with Charlie was not among between her thoughts. He wanted to buy a flying-tesla, but that chance was Elly's, of course she would use that chance to buy other useless things.

There were two burly guards on the gate. They recognized Charlie and hauled their steel

sizzling guns without turning their heads to let him pass. Their masks looked like came from

unknown wild clan. Charlie had passed the gate with his ID card and went up the lift of

arena's headmaster. He had in mind to take his minimum payment for the race.

"Ma'am you have a visitor." said the man with black hat and white tight suit.


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