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Chapter I / For The Lost Gods (Part 2/3)

Güncelleme tarihi: 22 Kas 2022

Act 4

At gorgeous bright red furs, wide but thin eyes and delicate figure; there it was the most dredded of all. A North China Panther with a short furry tail. Dapard. Looked around sniffing and not caring about Lyla's existence.

Before she could react it turned around to go as fast as she had never seen a Godchild go. After a short timid look she gave, Lyla rang the bells. Suffering the rush of adrenaline and fear, she almost took the whole shore to accelerate herself to catch Dapard. If Dapard were to reach its master, it would be the end of it for all her people. If The Master found out their location, it is definite for blood to be shed. Lots of it. She just hoped. Hoped that people evacuated and ran away since she could not look, it is what she only could have, hope.

She ran the creme colored granite pavement along the narrow street between ruins of houses, following her dredd. Tears and sweat from her face, she used every bit of power she had. Her breathing got harder, she suffocated following this creature. Meanwhile a blue glowing circle appeared circling her pupil. She felt the sea as never before even though she was getting further away from it. Every step she had, she felt as if she was walking over the sea. She gradually got faster, never before she had walked on earth feeling the sea beneath her feet. Her powers got into a whole new level as she had never felt or seen before. However she barely only got to Dapard's speed. This panther walked on earth like it was on a current. At her limit, not having to be able to get close to Dapard, she fell into despair. Thinking that she had caused all this by damning everyday and hoping for an exit. For an ending. She felt damned, she felt lost, she felt cowardly and she felt pathetic again.

Before even it was a whole street crossed, not that far from the boathouse Dapard took a sharp right turn and went downhill. Lyla had the feeling her existence was unimportant for it. The panther did not even look like it was trying to go faster.

Following an enemy that does not care if you are getting strong or not. She had to get to it, despair never did no favors to her. Lyla pushing herself even more to catch this creature, not even sure what to do when she catches it considering it is one of most powerful enemy's right hand, she water sprinted using the water steps her powers allowed, leaving wet footprints behind. Splashing and accelerating with water under, she got closer. At a brief moment of proximity she jumped to catch its tail. Right then Dapard jumped into a hole on the way, Lyla could only got a hold of his tail, which then got apart and left its owner, like it was made of cotton and stayed in her hand leaving her behind. It was when she got ready to jump in the hole, the ground shook right under her.

"This roar... How could The Master's lair be so close to us?", she thought in loss of breath. Lyla, for the first time in her life, felt the moon's presence in daylight. Her body clenched and soul being crushed with fear and confusion, she turned to run towards the house. She had to make sure there was no one left. She had to make sure nobody stayed behind for her. She did not look behind, she did not feel the ground beneath she just ran.

Act 0

It was the first time Lyla saw her brother after The Final Tide. The last time the moon took the sea from us and the time the gods gave it back for good. Sea boiled and driven back until it was lost of sight. People prayed for days, people died for days. It is said that then gods decided to step in and help us win against the moon by endowing powers upon people. The sea came back with consequences. It is said that the moon got so furious that night that it turned red and burned every children of gods, ones with the powers.

It began then, when people became godchildren and slowly discovered their powers. Nobody had any problem with their powers, it was confusing but still considered a blessing until some people decided that they wanted more. These people believed that if gods were worshipped right, they would gift us more, as they did that they. That was not the case. Gods did not care. Though this did not change the minds of the already fanatics of the idea. They wanted more and they were out to get it. And surely people were expendable in this cause. Soon, long enough to fill a lake with blood, they discovered that if a godchild's heart were to be consumed by another, powers passed on. Great battles got carried out and great number of people were killed. Only a few groups of pacifists and rebels remained against the fanatics.

Then, was when she saw her brother after the tide. Lyla's brother had the control of the sun, a vicious weapon for rebels to use he was. With his anger he was a powerful young man. But in war, if you only see red you can not see ahead. He was betrayed. By a close friend he was backstabbed. She watched her brother being dragged to the belly of The Beast by someone close to him and could not stop it. She watched as her brother thrown into the sea and before she could get to him, blood rose to the surface of the water. Sea vibrated in a way only a beast could cause. War costed her brother a friend and Lyla her brother.

Act 5

As Lyla was rushing down her heart pounding, she heard footsteps getting closer and closer behind her. Before she could turn, she saw wet footprints on the walls of the houses towards where she is headed leaving splashing sounds behind.

Someone had just ran past her with incredible speed using the same power as her. She had to catch up. She had to make sure they were safe. Her lungs out of breath as she used all the power she had.

Finally she arrived to the house and rushed through the door only to freeze at the doorstep. Lenker defending himself against The Shinobi, using the sun. He had waited for her, and now he was in danger. Shinobi's attacks were precise, fast and powerful. She could barely catch up to his sword movements. A black sword with a deadly trail of water was not something she was not familiar with. She had seen a few wars herself and Shinobi Clan had a few great warriors that were under Master's command. Though she had never seen such speed before, this was truly the power of Master's close second's power. It is now more dreddful than ever to guess what The Master himself is capable of. Froze dead she watched, as her heart pounded out of her ribs, yet another one of her's die. Lenker fell into Shinobi's sword after being pierced by it. Dying on it he realized Lyla and gave his last breath to murmur:


Shinobi only realizing her petty existence drew his sword out of Lenker and before she could react it came as close as her eye. At an instant she dogded the sword and water stepped back. The circle around her eye made itself clearer which was directly caught the eye of The Shinobi. He slowly took stance, inviting her to fight. Lyla thinking about Lenker and her brother, with her blazing blue eyes and hateful looks, got ready to sever his body parts. Before she attacked she caught sight of his eyes under his disk-like metal hat and saw one blue and one red circle around his pupils, glowing. Shinobi raised his sword over her sight of his eyes, challenging her. At the moment she gathered her power for an attack, another precise swing towards her face came and threw her back. She wanted to ran as her hatred faded into fear after that quick attack. She went to the shore, under the porch and then the wooden boats in order to run from Shinobi who was relentlesly trying to pierce her by putting the sword through the wood.


End of Chapter I, next week!

Ps. I also plan to draw some drafts for some scenes. Soon.

Edited the sloppiness, 22.11.22 2:20PM

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