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The Hearth of Reality -as it is called by the eldest beings- and known simply as the World by the common folk is a world of ancient legends and otherworldly beings. It is a world where gods come and go, great catastrophes shake the very boundaries between the worlds, and ancient guardians struggle to protect. It is indeed the center of the universe. All energy and knowledge flow through the veins of the world and travel to other worlds. Sometimes these worlds collide, not as planets crashing into one another but as planes of existence passing their life and magic to each other.

But you are unaware of all that. What you know is the struggle of the mortal races, war, revenge, hard work, and maybe magic. Life is hard. Whether you are a Karkish warrior, forged by the relentless highlands of Karkanth, a wise wizard, studying the secrets of magic in the library of Crow’s Beak; a Ragnian hunter, untouched by any poison in the jungles of Western Ragnia, a northern sailor from Einhirgard, born of the sea and frost, or an old soldier from the war-torn lands of Khyrui. Death hides in every corner, waiting for you to take a wrong step. But death is not the end of life; it is only one part of it. There is a lot more to life. The struggle is what keeps the mortal souls going. As pain shows the body that life is real, love makes it worth living. Perhaps amongst all the magic of the world, love is the most powerful one. The love of life, the joy of adventure, battle, and one another.

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